NEVIS, WEST INDIES . . . . . One of the challenges with listing property outside of Canada on the Toronto Real Estate Board Mulitple Listing Service is that the 'mapping' is not 1:1. That is the fields do not always align exactly with the foreign sovereign country where the Real Estate can be found. This is because Canada (for example) has 'Provinces' and 'Municiplaities' and 'Cities' and 'Towns' whereas other COUNTRIES  may have 'Parishes' or 'Villages' or 'Beaches'. Further, what some people call a Duplex, others may call a Flat. What should always match in ANY language is 'COUNTRY'.

There is, for example no 'COUNTRY' of 'TRELAWNY' that can be found in the 'COUNTRY' of Jamaica. This is not a Real Estate administrative issue, it is a simple geographical fact. It would seem as though the 'Drop Down Menus' on the MLS system occur 'after the fact'. This is the reason givem to me as to why they cannot add "ST KITTS NEVIS' to the list of countries. I pointed out that there are countries that are listed that ARE NOT EVEN COUNTRIES and that if the goal is clarity for an intelligent consumer then at the very least we should remove those ridiculous 'countries' that are presently on the menu just because of sloppy listing information or geographical ignorance on the part of well-meaning Realtors. Sadly . . . . or perhaps happily, I am the  son of a Broker how happens to have a degree in Geography from the University of Wisconsin so let me see what STEPS I CAN TAKE to get this issue retified.


Vervain Mill in St. George/Gingerland, Nevis - March 2018

My wife, Wendy, and I arrived on the island of Nevis in December 1995 to vacation with friends who had a home near Nisbet Plantation. We had visited several Caribbean islands before and had fantasized about eventually finding a place for our retirement years - at that time a few years off.

Although Nevis had many attractive features, it was hard to get to from Portland, Maine, didn’t have much in the way of grocery stores, and not much to do. By the end of our 10-day stay, we loved the island for everything it didn’t have - no casinos, no people braiding hair on the beach. It had real local culture rather than tourist shops, etc.

During our stay we met expats and Nevisians, and we began to notice that there was something different on Nevis. People were lively, animated, happy to be with one another. Both Nevisians and expats were welcoming and urged us to consider sharing a bit of their paradise.

Although we weren’t officially looking to buy, and in fact had just had a serious discussion about saving money for retirement…then it happened. Our friends drove by Vervain Mill on the way to dinner at Golden Rock and we walked around the property. The house was empty, fences were down, and it was overgrown and a grazing area for sheep, goats, and donkeys. We climbed the stairs to the expansive deck and looked toward Montserrat and Redonda and the Atlantic. Wendy loves to “improve” houses, so she saw a project. We were in love with Vervain Mill and Nevis.

Vervain had an extra attraction for us - it is located in the small village of Hickmans that is totally Nevisian. Having been in the Peace Corps, we wanted to be immersed in the culture and not in a gated community. That remains a major attraction since we have made friends in the village.

We had a 10-day cooling off period after returning home to see whether it was a crush or true love.

It was love. So we called the owners who were in Toronto and made an offer, not really expecting they would accept. However they did! Holy cow, now what do we do?

When we returned to Nevis to have a second look around we contacted Myrna Walwyn, whom we had met on our first visit, and she put the papers together.

We said from the start we would enjoy Vervain and take care of it until our knees or hips gave out, and that time is coming. I have unfortunately developed some mobility issues. So we will sell with some sadness, but will continue to enjoy the mill as long as we can.

Michael and Wendy Taylor

Portland, Maine

Priced at UNDER $1 Million USD