Years ago, one of the things that I wanted to do was to be able to play Jazz Guitar. At the time, it seemed that York University was the best place to learn and although I had only been playing guitar for 1 year at the time I decided to audition for the Jazz Program. Lorne was one of the audition panel and must have taken pity on me from all the times he saw me at George's Spaghetti House trying to figure out what the hell ED BICKERT was doing. 

In any case, I got in and had some of the greatest FUN in my life trying to negotiate difficult Jazz Standards. In those days, John Gittens ruled!

Lorne is still one of my fave guitar players and I try to catch him whenever I can.

Here is a rare (very very rare) SOLO GUITAR performance in a church for Vespers.

One of the most enjoyable evenings that I can remember.